Sunday, March 15, 2009

Salt Creek Scouting Mission #02

Here is my route.

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I jogged across Twin Lakes Park and under 53 again to get to where I left off. Only this time I was on the other side of the Union Pacific Northwest Railway.

Right where the creek comes out from under 14 and the tracks there is hole in the fence and another hobo camp similar to the one just upstream. For this stretch the creek flows through the grounds of Arlington Park horse racing track. It comes out of the park at Euclid Ave. It would take a tricky portage to get under Euclid in a canoe.

From Euclid, the creek meanders along a few nice parks in Rolling Meadows. There is a great bike path underpass a Kirchoff Road. The world needs more of these.

A sled hill!

Two major branches of the Salt Creek join back behind the track at Rolling Meadows High School. From here there is considerably more water.

Nature in the 'burbs.

I finally made it to where the Salt Creek runs under I90 and into Ned Brown/Busse Forest Preserve.

I heard the unmistakable call of Sandhill Cranes. These birds do not live in this area. They are just migrating overhead. Sorry about the blurry picture but they were way up there.

My goal was to make it to Higgins Road but I was surrounded by wetland. If I could have only made it to these nearby trees I would have been on higher ground and able to continue south. I had to turn around.

I ran far enough. My beautiful wife gave me a lift out of there.


  1. Now you know about a sledding hill! Let's go next year! I love how your beautiful wife drove you home from your adventure! Do you always do this? :)

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  3. This is so cool, Charles. You are my ultimate role model for finding adventure in the hood! I went to Wheaton yesterday to find the church where the St. Charles Singers were going to sing AND to go for my one hour walk....knowing that I would find interesting things to photograph. BUT I was afraid to take pictures because the store owners reminded me of the 7 headed mouse from the Nutcracker! I did take a picture of the church though! So I guess my blog will have to wait until I get some photographer's guts. Say hi to your beautiful wife!



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