Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rain Soaked Trail

Here is my route.

It rained all day Saturday and most of Sunday. This squirrel was trying to stay dry. I set out jogging to get a look at the high water. I headed to Deer Grove Forest Preserve.

There were a lot a wet spots along the way but this one was more like a full fledged river. I basically had three choices; Turn around, get my shoes completely soaked, or...

It was cold, but after I put my shoes back on I was toasty warm in no time.

A wonderful day at the park!


  1. LOL! Taking off your shoes! That is so funny! I love the squirrel in the windowsill. So cute! :-)

  2. Did you secretly open the windowsill and then shut it on the cute little squirrel after you took the pic? I know you secretly wanted to! Walking in the rain puddles looks like fun :)



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