Sunday, March 1, 2009

Salt Creek Scouting Mission #01

Here is my route. Today's mission; Scout my local creek for navigability and find out how far up stream I can drop in my canoe. Here is a great map of the Salt Creek Watershed.

This lake right next to my home, know by many names (Lake Heatherstone, Lake Victoria, and Lake Louise), feeds the creek. The creek originates even further upstream from this lake but it is just a trickle until it passes through the lake.

I followed the creek along the bike path and through Maple Park. Then I contiune along behind some back yards all the way to Palatine Road.

I had to take the side walk after crossing Palatine but I got a good view of the creek as it passed under Kenilworth Ave. So far this creek is navigable!

The creek enters one of the lakes at Twin Lakes Park. Seagulls!

This goose guards the creek's exit of the park. More importantly, the concrete wall makes it imposible to float out of the park and under Route 53.

I made my way under 53 and got to where the creek passed under Route 14.

I decide to back track upstream to see if I could see the other side of where the creek goes under 53. Trip wire... interesting.

Some signage. Better not go that way.

I stumbled upon a hobo's paradise! Spam and beer anyone?

...and the sun sets on another beautiful winter day.


  1. Cool! You are a living example of how to find interest in ever day. So...what are you looking forward to about tomorrow! ;-)



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