Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winter Night

Here is my route.

After spending the day with my family I headed out into the fresh powder to make my way to my brother and his fiancé's home in Chicago. I had a great evening with family and friends.

With no time to spare I decided not to stay overnight. I had 20 minutes to catch to last train back to the Northwest suburbs. I started running and hailed a cab when the clock got down to 10 minutes. Made it!

Back in Arlington Heights I walked past Avalon apartments and was reminded that it would be great to live here.

I walked to a 24 hour McDonalds drive-thru. On the way there I was worried that they wouldn't serve me on foot, but they were glad to sell me two Double Quarter Pounders with cheese and a medium Coke. Nothing like a pound of beef at two o'clock in the morning!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Arlington Heights

Here is my route. Today's adventure was a jogging tour of Arlington Heights, IL. One block from my Palatine home is a gateway to Arlington Heights.

This local road passes under IL Rt. 53 Expressway, which is basically the border of the two villages. Notice the Red Tail Hawk?

Here's a close up.

Thirsty for some Lake Michigan water?

The downtown skyline. This Metra stop is 30 minutes from a Blue Line transfer and 40 minutes from downtown Chicago.

Dunton Towers are not the nicest but I'm sure these east facing balconies provide a splendid view of the Chicago skyline.

See the purple awning near the left? Arlington Heights offers woo for the true believer in the supernatural. On the right is one of the Avalon buildings. My family is considering moving here.

Arlington Park horse racing track and Metra station.

...and back to my Palatine home.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Early February

Here is my route. A person must get up early if they want to enjoy the day. 4:00 wake-up call; on the road at 4:10.

I watched the moon set through my windshield and made it to Lind Center, WI just before sun rise.

The crisp morning sun supplies vivid imagery.



Mid morning I went for a jog with my dad. He rode his Ruckus.

Made it out to West Lake near Spencer Lake. I couldn't quite keep up with the Ruckus.


Hat Hair/Forehead. I love winter.

...and the moon rises.


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