Saturday, April 11, 2009

Triple Divide

Here is my route.

View Triple Divide in a larger map

Similar to Triple Divide Peak in Glacier National Park, this area covers three different watersheds.

This dried up creek bed is what is now the beginning of Baldwin Creek, part of the Salt Creek Watershed. Just just upstream from here the creek bed is blocked and just beyond that the flow has been diverted North.


This is Baldwin Pond. The evidence that I've seen suggests that this was the headwater of Baldwin Creek before it was linked to the Buffalo Creek Watershed. Is it a lumbar pack or a fanny pack? You decide.

Remember these? This one was slow and groggy.

Bakers Lake is part of the Flint Creek Watershed. Flint creek is a tributary of the Fox River; therefore, this is up-stream from my hometown. I'm getting ideas about a future adventure involving a canoe.

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